Where is your happy place?

It could be where you live, a vacation place, where you work, communicating online, a favorite place to eat.  The options are unlimited.

In the new covid reality, vacations aren’t options for some and jobs are gone.

What is the good side of the covid normal?

I like the masks and social distancing quite a lot.  I don’t see a disadvantage to either.  It is fun picking out masks to match my clothes too

Also, the masks reveal people’s character by bringing out expressive eyes on people verses cold non expressive eyes.

I love that fact that Covid messes up holiday gatherings! I know so many people dread the pressures to travel and be around people they normally avoid.  Now, they all have a out.

Normally flu season starts taking off after the holidays but this year may be better!

While on the topic of happiness and covid, what is the deal with people complaining on masks who used to complain they hated their nose, teeth, wrinkles around their mouth, acne scars etc.

Why are these same people throwing fits about wearing a mask when you would think the mask wearing would be a dream come true for them?

A correct and flattering fitting cloth masks can make a person look more attractive and bring out their hair style, glasses, eye shape and eye color! Plus, it allows a woman’s efforts on eye make up to shine!

The mask issue is dividing people in major ways

People can pick from working on smile wrinkles or frown wrinkles.

I am picking working on my smiling wrinkles and favorite masks! I am loving making my eye make up look very nice and it being accented by the mask!

I wish everyone a  content evening and good health 😷!




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