wow day 10 already, today the concept I decided to talk about was LOVE. You see we need love in our everyday lives, but not just from other people we need self-love as well. The definition of love is “an intense feeling of deep affection.” but that’s not all love is. Love is the little things that make us feel special, love is having someone care about you, and support you  even when your at your worst. Love may be defined as an intense feeling of affection, but that my friends is not all it is. You see with out love we would fall into a deep pit of dispair. Love is our anchor to this world, this world that makes us happy or sad, or over-joyed. love is everything in our lives you can love many people on many levels but only you can choose where to block this out and let yourself suffer, or you can let love fill your life up. Also guys if you have any subjects you want me to talk about in the future please let me know by commenting.


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