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since we got the news last week that my husband would be cut off of his workman’s comp benefits effective Dec. 1st. We found out on the 10th. We were relaxing getting ready to go to the grocery store when we hear the door bell. It was the mailman with a certified letter, as soon as I saw that i had a feeling it was bad news. Sure enough it was. Supposedly according to the ins. co. he should have been cut off since this past may. WTF?!?! OOOK! Nice time to inform ppl of this… during freakin’ Christmas! Of course my husband freaked out right away. I told him not to panic and try to stay positivecause we hadn’t even tried to get it straightened out. So we have been scrambling around trying to see what our options are and trying to get help where ever we can. My hub went to apply for disability (which can take 5-7 weeks to process or whatever), one of my hubs lawyers is gonna talk to his firm about fronting us some money. We even went to apply for temporary public assistance and we basically have to be in the gutter before they can help us. We went through this a few years back when my husband got laid off and we went to apply. The worker back then told us that we have to be in the gutter before they can help us. Not in those exact words but she may as well have. We were talking to this lady who works there and does fingerprints there and she told us that they help out drug addicts faster and easier than they do families. I was sick to my stomach. I have to go there tomorrow again to give them some paperwork that  the [email protected]*cking social worker "needs" and it will determine if we are eligible or not. I ahve been there 3 times already and they are some freakin idiots. Do they think I have gas to spare. I specifically asked them the last 2 times if i needed anything and both times they said no and I did. I am so frustrated and the reality that we could be homeless in a few weeks/days is starting to set in. I even called a local radio station that gives money to families in need for the holidays (they do it every year) and I pleaded with them to help us. It is a voicemail system that they set up. FIrst off i hate those things and second I was so nervous and trying not to choke up that I probably sounded like a freakin idiot. Yet with all of this I still am holding out hope that something will come through for us and we won’t be forced to move…….. I hope that social services stop being assholes and help us out for a month or 2 at the very least. I am not ashamed to be doing this I am just trying to keep my family afloat. Thank you for letting me vent and please pray for me and my family.

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  1. Mz_Unda_Std 12 years ago

    Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. By the end of the week we will know if we have to move or not. I”m still keeping positive… but only time will tell. Thanks again and big hugs.

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