It’s 12:00 the silence is tormenting,

I roll around and try to sleep so tiredly I swear it’s killing me,

The thoughts in my mind go off like a gun,

Blasting my brains I hold my breath it is done,

Tears fall down from my eyes I’m crying inside,

I sniffle wiping the tears like it never looked like I cried,

I bite my tongue so no one can hear,

The screams in my head, I just want to disappear,

I avoid what they say,

Because it’s the same every day,

You’re never enough your a burden that’s it,

Constantly reminding me I’m a piece of shit,

I stare at the ceiling watching clusters of dots,

form into pictures like story plots,

One I see a girl getting beat,

Another girl crying up in a tree,

A boy being screamed at,

Another committing suicide,

One died of cancer as his mother just cries,

So I close my eyes because I see nothing kind,

Just memories with strangers stuck on rewind,

Tears pour harder as I start to remember,

I feel a hand grab my leg I see it’s been dismembered,

All the pain I’ve felt before,

All the rips and tears of being torn,

Silence it enters the room,

Feeling a cold shiver of nothing but doom,

It’s 3:30 now I’m drifting to sleep,

I beg not of my nightmares in my mind they creep,

But the stars protect me and give me hopes and dreams,

I pray to God to protect me and I hope my soul can be redeemed,

Now it’s getting darker,

My eyes begin to close,




I have officially dozed.


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