Last night unfortunately was not much better than the night before. It turns out that Zachary has the flu and a sinus infection. I'm so angry at the pharmacy right now ~ they are waiting for his medications to come in. I can pick them up after 3 p.m. today. But in the meantime he's in agony with the headache and the stomachache. His eyes are glassy, half shut, and red-rimmed. He's coughing, sneezing, and his nose is running non-stop. The nausea has lessened, but is not gone by any means. He hasn't eaten in 2 days and still doesn't want to eat. I'm scared, I've never seen him this sick. I even rented us Men in Black 3but he feels so ill that he doesn't really want to watch it. That's pretty sick.

I think I'm coming down with it too. I've got the cold chills, but it's almost 80 degrees. I' m sniflling and coughing but not running a fever that I know of. Most of the day today Zachary and I have been sleeping. Now we're both up and restless from not being able to do much but sit around the house watching tv. I've been online all day, but only because I found out that I accidentally left my page open when I put the computer down this morning. Shortly I'm going to go back down to the pharmacy and try to get Zachary his medications; he needs his Augmentin and the Tamiflu as well.

We spent part of the evening in an emergency clinic last night because he got so bad. That's how we found out for sure that he had the flu and the infection in his sinuses. It's a byproduct of the flu. Fun. Those hurt so bad; I've had a few of them myself. Tylenol won't touch the headache it gives you. Zachary's out of school for at least 2 more days, probably the whole school week. I called his teacher this morning to ask to get a packet together for him to work on over the weekend if he's doing better by then.

Well, we finally got some sleep though. Hallelujah to that! Zach conked out on the loveseat watching tv and I went to sleep on the couch when I saw that he was asleep. This being up most of the night, sleeping in bits and pieces is for the birds. Insomnia is bad enough; this is worse for me.

It's too bad we're sick because it's a beautiful day to be outside. It's breezy, 75 degrees, sunny and not a cloud in the sky. I was hoping he'd feel well enough today to be able to go to the library to pick out a movie and a book for me to read to him, but no to that idea. I don't want to chance it anyhow ~ other people really don't need to catch this. It might kill some of them because the community library is in the middle of a 55+ community, and most of them are close to 70. This is why I rented M.I.B. 3 from a Redbox. I hope it's as good as the other 2 were. I love Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

Well, I think that's it for now. I don't have anything interesting to say. I may blog again later out of boredom, lol. Peace to you all and I'm so glad you can't catch this via computer, lol.

Love and hugs ~ Key

  1. ancientgeekcrone 9 years ago

    Hope all of you get better soon. I did forget to tell you, mom would rub us down with vicks and wrap our chest in flannel over the vicks. 

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  2. aloneforevernew 9 years ago

    Try and eat healthy and cut down on the animal products to boost your immune system

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  3. Andie372 9 years ago

    Sorry Zachzary is so sick. I know how it feels when your child is sick and they're just not themselves. But you took him to the doc and got him meds so he will start to feel better soon.

    Don't forget to take care of yourself while you're taking care of him.

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  4. SaltWaterDrinker 9 years ago

     Oh, Key, poor Zachary!  I hope that you've been able to get that first dose of meds into him, and that 24 hours from now he is decipherably on the mend.  As for you–I echo Mary.  Vicks is amazingly good for chest congestion.  As for the head and throat stuff, I find that a couple of Angry Canaries help:

    Angry Canary

    Juice of one half lemon

    Honey to taste (I use Stevia)

    Good dash cayenne

    Hot water

    Mix up in a mug and sip.  It tastes excellent and gets things moving. Vitamin C, too.

    I hope you are all feeling tip-top soon, sister.


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  5. HoneyBunny 9 years ago

    I hope you both feel better…the flu is awful, not to mention a sinus infection.



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