sorry but i feel the need for a rant

why is it that when things start to look up and get better there is always something lurking to drag you back down and make it so much harder and so much more effort to keep going. why do people lie and make out they are someone they are not (my ex to save confusion) and turn out to be just like evryone else every other superficial judgemental guy who he made out that he was different from. was that person that i knew and loved real and he is just playing up to  everyone else or was everything we had and the time we spent together a lie just like everything you said to me everything you told me about love. we went through so much together was that real all those memories that hurt so much ? you sit there and judge me for changing for not being good enough after all i did for you and yet you go against everything you judge me for i know i am a good person and i have strong morals one of the reasons you said you loved me and yet you chase anything in a skirt these days regardless of how trashy they are you are so shallow and i thought you were different (how cliched i shoudl have known )

i dont think you ever loved me like you said you were fulll of infatuation and lust as well as bullshit you are so fickle you dont know what you want you arent mature at all not with other peoples feelings only your own.

love is fleeting and temporary nothing is forever heartbreak is enevitable and anyone who says others whys lies nobody is to be trusted and everyone and everything is a lie

  1. cissyd 12 years ago

    i have to agree, no matter how good it seems to be going, or how good your feeling , things seem to go backwards,,

    hows it go,,, 3 steps forward 5 steps backwards…

    i understand completly about lies and people having 2 different sides…

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  2. n0thing 12 years ago

    I think it”s just a fact of life, when you first start seeing someone things are great because both partys in the relationship have their best masks on. The problem is when We both get comfortable and the true faces behind the masks reveil themselves and in the end you both realise that you were better off with the mask on.

    I think I understand what your feeling and I think my comment has some relavence


    The problem is right now I”m having trouble focusing on things, sorry if this comment just sounds like babble x

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