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The only time in life that matters is this second, so we\’d better make the most of it. Not a damn thing I can do about tomorrow, nor yesterday, and NObody is thinking of my past \”failures\” as much as I am. So they\’re not failures, really. All I can do is keep going and try to do better, try to lift myself a bit more, try to lift someone else a bit more. And so I shall…

The above is 85 words. I have no idea how to fill out another 215, and frankly I think that’s kind of an arbitrary requirement: if I can say with five words what I mean/think/feel, why should I waste 295 words that could be put to good use elsewhere in my day? This isn’t National Novel Writing Month! I’m not on deadline! Why should I dither about with a word count? But fine, whatever. I can string along for a bit. Okay, up to 166 now: 133 to go! Over half way there! What a momentous occasion!!! Yes, that’s sarcastic. I’m now entering mildly cranky stream of consciousness territory. And sure, that has its (200!) place. I just don’t think that place is here and now when I’m just trying to catalogue a quick thought – a fleeting moment in time – rather than spending hours opening a vein and bleeding all over the keys. I do enough of that in any given day, thanks a lot (250!). But again, I suppose this site is all about the effort, and I do want to put in effort to Get Over Myself, because ultimately that’s what it’s all about. And helping others. And all that happy-happy crap. And now, at 289 words, I shall finally say, The End.

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  1. delane 6 years ago

    Westbeat, you’re absolutely right–the amount that’s written doesn’t have anything to do with the actual content. i do have to say, though, that i like the sarcasm…. 🙂
    Those first sentences say a LOT. ***hugs***

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