Its been a long time since I have written .. I am almost to goal weight , right now I'm at 148 lbs , I only have 23 more lbs to until I reach my goal weight which is 125 lbs , I have dropped 5 jean sizes , I have gone from a size 17 to a size 12 & by the time I am at my goal weight I will probably drop to a size 10 in Jeans , I have also dropped an under wear size too . My eating habits have changed too , I don't crave sweets like I used to , which is a major plus , I think a big part of that is the anxiety medication I am taking Topamax I'm on 75 Mg . I bought the stuff to make William's birthday like I always do every year on his birthday which is this Tuesday , Can't believe my baby will be 14 years old & the can of vanillia frosting is still sitting sealed up in my pantry , now the old me would have eaten half of that frosting by now but since I have been doing the Jenny Craig program , along with taking anxiety medication , I have not touched that can of frosting , not even when I am emotionally stressed out , even when hubby & I are fighting & my anxiety goes up , even when my anxiety is at its high level I reach for vape pen & vape instead of eating .. I have also gone from 6 mg of nicotine to 3 mg of nicotine , plus I have pretty much cut out soda , I drink water with lemon in it , crystal light , tea , gatorade , every once in a while I will drink ginerale but it has to be the 100 calorie gingerale & I will only drink half of it at a time .. I have not had diet coke in months , can't even remember when I had diet coke .. I also got a cook by Hungry girl under 300 calories & I got my Jenny craig maintance book so I can start getting my mind in that mode ..

  1. Charlie37 6 years ago

    Oh wow — my most sincere congrats on losing so much weight! I can only dream of having your willpower. One friend of mine lost about 80 pounds 10 years ago, as has kept it all off. She looks fabulous, but I can't help being a bit envious.

    And now my dearest friend has lost 30 pounds so far, and is having to buy new clothes. I'm so, so happy for her, but it almost makes me want to cry. If they can do it, why can't I?

    But you're doing it, girl!! Kudos to you — I KNOW how much hard work it is. I hope you're really letting it sink it what a tremendous accomplishment this is, and that it shows how much you love yourself and want to take care of yourself.

    All the best.


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  2. onelyric 6 years ago

    I'm so proud of you my friend. Tis very hard to lose weight specially if your a depressive. What a great plus for you and your esteem. I wish I had your confidence….

    What can I say but "you go girl"…..keep it up and look at yourself as beautiful within and out.

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