So today's the day I got to go visit Baker College of Cadillac and I really enjoyed it. I really like the school I had a for opportunities to get help on different subjects but the only problem is that Cadillac does not offer the classes that I want to take so I have to go to NMC or take the college in Muskegon but I'm not sure what I wanted.

I am learning how use my Dragon then I got for Christmas to help me type better and make more sense of what I'm thinking about no more typing! It is really cool.

tomorrow I'm having my friends come over and we are going to hang out. and New Year's Eve I will be babysitting and I have them come over our dinner party and rock music very quietly is my cousins will be sleeping and will be staying up as late as we possibly can.

anxiety level has been fairly low lately just really nice click and enjoy myself and not overthinking things but I tend to do when I'm anxious so glad that it's my; it helps me see my counselor we talk about things and fix problems that I have.

I'm very glad we have another week of vacation because I am notready to go back-to-school. I have some homework, and for cheerleading I have to work on my dances that we they perform when we get back to school and hopefully I'm going to have one might share friends help me because I'm afraid that if I don't do about myself then I will learn as well and do is good. play thing is is that we have to learn the dance but then we have both few days to practice and we don't even know the music there in the dance to the reactor on that with the beat and I'm worried that if we are able to learn it with the music that my coach isn't going to be very happy, and we might have to to the other dance that we've been working on that has no music to it I really don't want my coach to bedisappointed

thanks for listening


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