A GF showed me this site. I read a bunch yesterday as a non-memebr. They should fix those permissions.

I\'m an anxious person. There have certainly been times in my life where I have wanted to pull a Sylvia Plath, definitely not a Virgina Wolff, albeit I do like water. That being said, today has been the shit phone call and email day.

I\'m interviewing for a new contract. I\'m a consultant. I am a published author. I would even be considered a workaholic. I am a passionate reader and a voracious consumer of films. I\'m a media whore.

I\'m also super OCD about money. My Nana kept a journal until I was in my mid-30s. She actually may have kept it longer, she just didn\'t talk about it to me. She taught me how to make money in the stock market. She was super smart, she was a shrink. She\'s dead and I miss her all the time.

So, yesterday I was talking to a GF outside a building and I saw a penny in this snow bank between the sidewalk and the street. I scrutinized it. It was heads up. I thought, Cool. Good luck. Heads up goes in my left shoe. Tails up goes in my wallet. Tails is just money to me, not luck. I dug the penny out of the snow and put it in my knee-high boots. I was not wearing socks. The penny was cold. But it was a Good Luck Penny so I accepted the minor burning on my foot from G-d only knows what is put on the streets + the snow.

After my appointment I went to try and find my son at sc hool. If I didn\'t find my kid and take him out for a meal I was going to send a nasty email to my Mother because she was a rude bitch to me on Tuesday.

I couldn\'t find my kid because he never answers his mobile. So, I went and hung at the library and the market. I found my kid at home and we went up to the University and had a meal at an Irish Pub. We also went to a bookstore. I checked in on 4sq and they had a Special! If you spent $10, you received three sticks on incense. I was actually buying this incense that works really well for my migraines. It\'s hand-made! It smells of luscious lavendar and is about $1 a piece, but comes in packages of 20.

My 13 year old and I browsed while a couple of women checked out. We went to the counter and I said, "I have a 4sq check-in special for these three pieces of incense. Do you want to see the Special?"

I had my phone out, ready to go to the screen that had the Special on it. The clerk said, "No, I don\'t need to see it, because none of our customers would say anything like that."

OK. Whatever. It was incense my kid picked out and it was for him. Mid-transaction a guy came over to the register guy and said, "I\'ll finish ringing this up so you can take your phone call." Guy says, "I have a phone call? I\'ve rang up these items," gesturing to all the incense. That left three books.

I paid with my CC. We left. I got home. I unloaded my groceries. I took out my books and showed my DH the books. We talked about the books. Hours later I looked over the receipt. The new register guy had charged me for the three sticks of incense. I told my DH I was calling in the morning to get a credit for 87 pence, which was the incense + tax.

I got off the phone with the book store right before I started this post. The guy on the phone was incredulous that I was asking for a refund of 87 cents. I was super calm and polite. He proceeded to tell me what an impossible, upset customer I was, and I was thinking, Geez, I\'m not upset. If I was upset I\'d be yelling. He went on a tirade and I ignored him and kept saying "Sir." After eight Sirs, he asked, "What?"

I told him that I was not upset, I just wanted my money back, and that if I was upset I\'d be yelling. He told me I was crazy and he\'d give me $2.00 back on my CC because I was insane.

What bugs me about this exchange is, why couldn\'t he just refund my money and if he thought I was crazy, just say to a co-worker, after we got off the phone, "You will never believe this crazy bitch that just called and wanted 87 cents back on her CC." That would have been totally copasetic to me. But no, he had to call me names!

I believe that money is supposed to be respected. If you respect money, then money will flow to you. This prompted my post, and saying that may be I am OCD about money.

I do not like this realization. I\'m all ready a complete worrier. Now I\'m OCD about money? This day isn\'t going well.


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