Hey everyone. I am new to this, and I think it\'s great there are groups like this so people can relate. I felt like I was the only one dealing with this kind of stuff, but apparently not.

I am 23 years old and I started having anxiety attacks when I was 20. The very first one I had, I didn\'t know what was happening to me. I always called them " a funny feeling." I was at work and I was in a middle of a call with a customer, and all of a sudden, I felt like I was in a dream and kind of tingly. I felt like I was losing my breath and it scared the hell out of me. So I emailed a friend to tell her how I was feeling and ran outside. I caught my breath and realized I just took a panic attack, for no known reason. Since then I\'ve had them here and there, but the last few months have been the worst! I just started a new job 2 months ago and it\'s fairly stressful. When I am doing my work I feel fine, but if we have to go to a meeting or something, I feel very anxious and can\'t sit still. I constantly have water by me, because I feel that it helps me get through it.

I went to to the doctor a few weeks and he put me on "Cipralex" for depression and severe anxiety. He told me the first 2 weeks may make me feel more anxious than usual. That scared me because I hate going through it;let alone it being worse. But so far I\'ve only felt anxious 2-3 times and I am on my 3rd week on them. I hope to god this will help me get through it. My friends don\'t have anxiety and can\'t relate and don\'t understand what I am going through.

Anyway, that\'s the gist of my "funny feelings."


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