idk but i just notice i keep forgetting how i was abuse in the past i keep forgetting the person who truly hurt me i hated ever since i was born i dnt want to b needy no more i dnt want to take my problem out on my bf anymore i need to kno wat im getting myself into i lost the one guy who was close to me idk why i thought he cheated on me in the past idk when this started but im starting to think it might not even happen idk anymore but i do need to stop punishing myself for what i did in the past toorrow a new day n im happy that i found a website for online therapy it cheap n idk it might help me i sure i cnt fix everything but i can fix everything i need to do to better myself in life i a no longer a victume of depression i am a survier and that how it going to stay that how imma live day in and day out when im down ill remember who i want to be because im tired of this pathetic little girl i am now i was hurt yes but fuck it that not my life no one hurting me i only hurting myself i love my ex i just want to see the good in him i dnt hate my other ex but im gald how things turn out for him and his future wife there great for each other i couldnt offer him the relationship he wanted and he couldnt offer me it either the only person i want to make happy is me i cnt go to my support group this week or any time till the end of the month but ill keep talking to someone im suprise how the day turn out for me i cnt keep myself down i got this far n i moving on


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