I haven't been one for blogging much but I love this site, I check it out everyday and I feel priviliged to be part of this tribe, so thank you.

My xmas was okay I spent the day with my mum sister boyfriend and baby Jack. We ate, walked, slept and watched TV which I suppose is what most of the country would have been doing, well the lucky ones.

It was three weeks since my last drink on Christmas day having relapsed, crashed the car while drunk and now waiting to be charged for drink driving and abondoning my baby in the new year.

I have been attending three meetings a week as well as one meeting online and checking this plus other supportive forums out.

I feel  better than I have for a long time despite all the forthcoming shit which I know I will get through will the help of my HP and the fellowship.

I do still have some difficult decisions to make though as my boyfriend is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict as well. He is currently going to the AA meetings but is continuing to smoke dope which bothers me. I can also see that the relationship is changing as I get stronger where I am not prepared to accept the unacceptable any more and that is not going down well with the boyfriend because I suppose it is change. I now really have to decide whether I want to stay with him or not. I still love him and he is the father of my baby but I am beginning to think life would be simpler without him. I am also scared of being on my own as I know it will be hard as a single mum and I don't know if I can handle any more change right now. 

Does anyone have any advice?


Oh and merry christmas and happy new year.







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