Many are the things we collect with time. Some are objects. Some others are connections. You carry them with you without having to lift them. They are like words, colors, sounds in your inner senses. Such a precious and fragile thing they are. They are the reflection of who you have been and what you are going through. But this realm has its own laws and lets say that their limits are your capabilities of constructing a thought. What they are is purely ethereal. They are like past ghosts of yourself wandering around the corridors of animated paintings on the wall. This labyrinth that defies the laws of physics is holding your life in a network of a chaotic maze. Every room is shaped differently than the previous and it doesn’t seem to follow any logic of order.

But it has no impact howsoever to the real world but to yourself. It’s a mental clockwork that builds itself on it.

These corridors of the self past gives life and form to your reflections. Even as ephemeral as they can be, their impact is quite as strong as an idea in your mind. It never goes away unless you manage to accept or prove that the idea is wrong.

But what happens to those who never get a chance to disprove themselves? Especially to the ones that triggers the clockwork in the opposite way. Are they condemned to haunt these immaterial structures so that they can ruin the construction of this palace of mirrors?

“So what? You’re letting the clockwork go back and forth eternally? As if you had no power to dismantle it and rebuild it. You made this place!”

That’s where we’re wrong about. This ‘place’ is not something built by someone. It is built by the many lives we share ours with and the thoughts we gather in that moment. Not everyone controls all these things. Some are even addicted to have the presence of others praise to them.

“You’re blaming the existence of others to justify a defect… in your construction?”

Short answer: no. But I can’t say that my construction has come to life without them. I don’t hold them responsible but they are concerned.

“I’m not sure I follow. We’re talking about your…
… how do others really affect or change what really happened?”

Because it doesn’t matter…

And that is the whole point.

Will any of these creatures living in ‘it’ accept this fact?

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    seiza 6 years ago

    It took me a while to put this into order. I hope it appeals to you all. 🙂

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