Deppression will get you down it will make you feel as if your not worth it. I have struggled with deppression most of my life. Deppression is so misunderstood. people don't unstand what we go through. it is taken as if we are lazy because we struggle to get out of bed. we don't care some-times about what is going on around us. you want to reach out to those that love us but we can't at times. I was told just get up and do something! I lost intrest in my friends. I could not get up and make myself go on during the day. My room remained dark. I felt dark inside.Hopelessness crept inside I mean I was lost. I wondered why my life was so dark. Then one day I just lost it. I went to the plaza which is a place where people struggle with deppression. Doctors where there. He says to Me "How can I help you?" what can I do for you?  I sat there. ummm I am so deppressed. "I feel as if I am worthlesss." how can a doctor cure what was wrong with me.? so he tells me that he is going to put me on Prozac. Wow another medication!! I had tryed so many already. I began taking it. with in 5-7 days I felt a difference. finally a medicine that help me. Medicine is not a happy pill that you take and life is ok it takes some effort on our part to get better. I got so tired of people saying that it would be alright! Things were not alright.. it wasn't until I started the prozac that things got some what better for me. But you know life will always be there and things will continue to try and bring you down. There is no cure for deppression, sad to say but you can reach out to a mental health specialist and get the needed help. I finally found some hope at that point.Don't give up on your-self. I say that because of what I have experience. Reach out to those that care. I finally went home and opened my curtains to let some light in. I let light into my darken room. Wow. it is amazing what certain medications can do and how they will help if you let them. Also about 6 months ago I came into deppression Tribe. I have friend in there that care also. we share our experience, strengh and Hope. That is what it is about. To those that have talk to me and been there for me thanks!!


  1. gopal2903 10 years ago

    Very well said Angela

    Glad that u are feeling better.


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  2. RZA324 10 years ago

    I am glad you are doing so much better. You are right it is a daily effort to keep on going, just like others who don't suffer from depression, life goes on good and bad for all.   Don't give all the credit to the medication, I think you had a lot to do with it, medication alone won't change things, sometimes a ray of hope, which could have been the change in med, since it takes 4 to 6 weeks to make a change was that hope for you.  I hope you all the best and just take it one day at a time, why worry about things we don't have control over.  Take Care

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