Well I have been part of the DT community for 2 and half years now.I will say i enjoy the window to the world it gives me,I am obviously not alone in my depression and bad feelings about the past etc etc.this in itself makes me feel less of a freak lol.

I see all of us are struggling and it is ironic there is so many lonely people deperate for friends,but everyone is scattered around the world,if all could unite,some people could find close friends just like them.LikeI say ,ironic.We are probably sitting next to someone on the train or bus one day and that person is crying out for a friend,as we are,and we just sit there,oblivious to perhaps a kindred spirit.im not saying start telling the person on the train your life story,Im just saying its ironic to me,you know.Anyway,as much as i still have major issues going on,Im crawling towards the light,yes ,its slow but Im moving forward.

Anyway what I wanted to say is this.Im stunned to my shoes after reading a couple blogs and seeing that some DT members are abusing other members in a frightening way.One blog said a person accused her of not telling the truth about a terrible illness,when the person has this illness for real.thats shocking to me,just shocking.And nowI read that a person I thought was lovely,has said some incredibly horrible things to another member,unspeakable things.Now I dont know the truth or non truth,Im not part of the circle in that regard ,but nevertheless,I was really shocked to read this.Yes,i know us on DT have some deep, deep issues,its not a "Feeling awesome every day and completely normal tribe site"we are depressed,and other problems,this can make us nasty at times as we just want to lash out.But this sort of thing is beyond that .

I dont write many blogs,but I was compelled to write this one as i just cant believe what I read.if its true,well,all i can say is WTF,WTF!!

I guess i just hope one day these people may find some sort of peace,they obviously need it pretty fast.Anyway,wishing all of us peace,not in a corny cliched way,but the type of peace that allows our heart to beat normally,our mind to think clearly and for us to feel Ok with the world and most importantly ourselves.

Im fighting for that holy grail,if you arent doing anything tomorrow morning,feel free to join in the fight .meet up at 10,bring a packed lunch and a compass,its a long journey through steep mountains and hostile country.But at the end ,there is green forests and waterfalls,warm sun and soothing rain.



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