well everyone kept yelling at me for dumb little petty things and i got fustrated and went and got a tattoo , the man did tell me it was going to hurt it just burned a little. i was there for an hour and everything was fine until the morning when i pulled the bandage off the tattoo was dry and it peeled off i feel like i wasted my money  because it doesnt look as hot as he did it yesterday. im a little fustrated because my skin is peeling but ill be ok i guess. it dries up too fast i have to put medicine on it every two hours. and i told my friend and he was like why did i get it so now im fustrated again because this is what i wnt and people dont like the decidions i make its my body and i wanted to feel sexy so i got it. i wish meditation was open on saturdays cause i really need it. i have to wait until four to put more cream on.

its almost three im tired as shit lol i didnt mean to curse but because i just gotthe tattoo i usually sleep on my stomach and i couldnt cause i got the attattoo on my thigh its so hot beside the little pealing of the left cherry and the juice dripping im glad i got it see i told you im bipolar just a second ago i was sad now im happy because i realize im sexy lol i hate this feeling being bipolar but hey its a part of me thanks for listening i guess.

one hour to go and the desk phone keeps on ringing this stupid lady workd in staten island i work in manhattan and she keep asking me t fix her computer and i cant because its not infront of me she getting on my nerves cause im just thrying to relax and enjoy the day for what it really is. oh yeah i was loking for a new job and i might get a maintanenc job soon so im like so happy about that so pray i get it cause the job i have now is Information technology helpdesk assistant i do like purchase oreders, answer the phone, dog licence, website,emails , fix the computers and stuf f , its ok bt im part time not making enough money to survive i got fustrated and got the tattoo because i needed to do something beside drink and be suicdal. im ready to go to barnes and noble and relax or go pray to god at the park down the block either way i want to leave and be out of here . why she always making noise and what not i need to go talk to god lets go to the park matter a fact leave the phone or bring it whatever. eight more minutes before i leave my job and got for lunch……………



have a blessed day peoples im out love you.


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