Last night we drove out to Chicago to meet up with old friends of my fiance. He hadn't seen any of them for about 10 years. It was really a good time. I liked being around other childless marrieds for once (plus one single dad). Usually, we are the only couple amongst singles or the only childless couple amongts breeders. It's tiresome at times. Also, everyone there was well educated and fairly successful. I've heard that if you want to be a certain thing, it's good to surround yourself with like-minded people.

Anyway, a few drinks and good conversation. I actually felt like a regular person. This is what regular people do, right? Socialize without feeling less than who they're with? I didn't feel the need to justify my lack of career–just mentioned I was working retail while looking for something to better utilize my degree.

So, this morning my fiance gets a call from his old boss who was supposed to have called him like a month ago and set him up for a possible interview at his new school. We had already written it off as bullshit and moved on. This morning, the guy finally called, appologised for taking so long to get back to him (because he was vacationing in France and Italy for the past three weeks) and told him they've already given the position to an internal candidate.


We celebrated this callous let-down by breakfasting at IHOP. IHOP really kicks ass…

Then, this afternoon I got a call from MY old boss from my school, about a job I recently put in for in my old department (Financial Aid). The only reason I couldn't stay was because I was a student employee and my contract ended once I got my degree. I have an interview with my old boss at 11:30 on Monday.

Fingers crossed to the point of breaking, but I'm not allowing myself any wishful thinking.


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