I'm really sorry in advance for this, because I know I am one male in a community for depressed females, but…

why do women generalize all men as thoughtless, misunderstanding, assholes? Why do I get lumped into this category of burly, cocky, horny men?

I know most of the people here are women, and generally every other day I see some rant about some man and the person just says some blanket argument about all men being a certain way. This is what really irritates me, because I am NOT an abusive, controlling, thoughtless, sex-craved man, and that's what they keep saying.

Even watching Dr. Phil, the episodes are usually about an abusive man beating a woman or doing something to manipulate her out of money. Then there's 'To Catch A Predator', which I enjoy watching, but they're ALL men. And of course Lifetime shows nothing but abusive, evil man movies. It's like the media is just constantly jamming down our throats that men are evil and assholes, like they're trying to force ME to become this kind of man so I can be put in prison or killed.

…I almost feel like i'm at the point to just leave the internet and stop watching TV since every time I read something like this or watch something I feel like a worthless, generalized man.

Why do I feel like I've done something wrong for being a man? If I try to be myself, a sensitive, compassionate, caring guy, people think I'm gay or there's something wrong with me for not being this kind of generalized asshole of a man. So it's like a lose-lose situation for me, I'm either rejected by society or I'm locked up for domestic violence.

I sometimes just don't even think I belong on this world.


Edit – I generalized women when I wrote this blog.  So even I am imperfect.  I guess the lesson to learn here is not to generalize anyone and just treat everyone as an individual.

  1. QuadRaptor 11 years ago

    Yeah that's true, I'm sure there are many women out there that don't think this about men.  I didn't realize I generalized when I wrote this blog.

    Thanks for the comment

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  2. cella 11 years ago

     that is true, generalizing anoys me greatley, because i then a small amount, kinda make it bad for everyone , in different groups, like gender… but we all do it, even if its not ment to .. 

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  3. Di 11 years ago

    Hello, like I said in my blog about men, I've been with a loving wonderful amazing man in my life that showed me love and respect, I hope to find another one. Gender isn't the real thing here its ppl of all sexes, races, etc., there's just alot of problems with ppl being disrespectful in all areas of life. Women get blamed constantly for being bitch's , if the kids are not right your a bad mom, if the house isn't clean your a bad wife, if your not a bread winner your not valuable, I personally no alot of children that hate there moms and love there dads, even though there dads are horrible parents, don't feel like your being a man is the issue because it gets us women to ! Take care and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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