Clinical Depression

What is the last goal you accomplished?: feeding my little boy
What are you looking forward to at the moment?: going to bed and sleeping
Do you feel distant from others?: most definitely so
Do you spend a lot of time alone?: alone with the kids, yes
Do you ever feel “fake” when you laugh or smile?: most of the time, i do
Are you able to enjoy an activity without any negative thoughts?: most of the time, i can’t
What are some things that motivate you?: my children and husband are the only ones
*Physical Symptoms*
Describe your sleep:: off and on. i have a 6 mo. old baby, so u take a guess
Is your relationship with food “abnormal” in any ways?: i eat when i feel like it
Do you feel tired or in slow motion?: sometimes i do, but not lately
Do you feel good about how you look at times? Do you do anything about it?: i have never felt good about my looks
If you could push a button, what would you make the world do?: help the people that truly need it instead of the ones who don’t deserve it
Name 3 people who really understand you:: my mom and michael are the only ones
Do you cry too much or too little?: too little
If you were crying, would you seek comfort?: not really
Have you seen anyone for depression?: a long time ago i did
Have you ever researched depression? Why?: yes, because i want to feel better
Do you take anti-depressants?: yes

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