So, I've been feeling really bad about some of the thoughts that I have been having here lately but I just can't help it…. So I just found out that my boyfriend still likes me and wants to get back together… (I fould out from him so there is no confusion or anything…) But it brought up the question of whether I wanted to be with him or my boyfriend. I honestly still think I may have some feelings for him but at the same time, I can't stand thinking about leaving my boyfriend. I mean, we have been through so much together and the relationship has just started basically so I don't want to end it without 'getting to the good part'. But by the same token…. I feel like everything is just a little bit easier with my ex.. It's easier to talk to him and laugh with him… And just…l everything is easier… He has gotten so sweet these past couple of years and has matured a little more than what he was… I just find myself more and more attracted to him, physically and emotionally. With my boyfriend… we don't really talk about much and we hardly ever see each other… Whenever we do see each other all we do it…. not talk… Just silence or making out… It's almost awkward. But we have been together for over two years now and I can't even stand the THOUGHT of losing him. Let alone actually breaking up with him… But it's like we are not even dating anymore because we never see each other. It kills me!
I don't know what to do!!! I know I'm young and I should notbe this stressed over something so small. I mean, I have my whole life for this kind of stuff…. I just… I don't know…. I was hoping some of y'all might have some advice. I would really appreciate any. It seriously might help. Please!

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  1. MForeverChained 10 years ago

    That should be my EX boyfriend at the top. Where it says I just found out that my (EX) boyfriend still likes me…. My computer wouldn't let me edit that thing after submitting it… stupid computer… lol


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