Tonight–a mere 10 days before my re-enrollment deadline–I came to find out that J.C. Macydale's is dropping their part-time, limited "benefits" program in favor of a 100% self-paid health insurance option.

I just worked a 12 hour day, first working a full shift at J.C Macydales and then going straight to a closing shift at Torlane Buganue. My feet hurt, my back is twinging threateningly, and my nerves are raw from dealing wth snotty, entitled bitches all f***ing day. The last thing I needed was to find out that my shitty health insurance has more than doubled in price each month. I barely get a goddamn check from them in the first place. How do they justify this???? Oh, by blaming the so-called health reform bill.

The health reform bill doesn't have ANY BEARING on existing health insurence plans, yet my greedy, corporate-owned retail store has decided to scape-goat the President because they have CHOSEN to stop paying into part-timers' plans.

And no, I'm not letting Obama off the hook either. This wouldn't be a fucking issue if he'd grown a pair of balls and fought to get national healthcare. It works for other countries. The only reason Americans are afraid of it is GREED–plain and simple. Greedy people blame lazy people so they can feel justified for not wanting to help anyone but themselves. Therefore, the community rots because someone's vacation to Cancun or their new swimming pool is more a priority than preventing a (lazy???) retail cashier's cervical cancer. You want to see laziness? What if ALL service people quit their jobs and went on public aid? Who would pick up your trash or sell you your gasoline/food/clothes/cars? You'd condemn hard workers to sickness, chronic pain, or death over a handful of deadbeats that you'll probably never rub shoulders with in your entire privileged lives?

Shame on this country. I despise it and it's sick ideals.

*Rant over.* I'm taking a damn shower and going to bed so I can get up and go to work AGAIN.



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