So, I have been haveing problems with my side and hip lately, so I decided to go to the doctor. When I went my doctor told me that he had NO idea what was wrong with me. I was scared, and started thinking of all the possiblities. He then told me that I would have to go through many tests in order to help figure out what was wrong. However, he didn’t do them then and there. Then, he told me that I needed to start taking all the medcations and go to take X-Rays. Well, i figured this would hel pso I obligingly went. Then when I went for the X-rays they made me sit and lay in all these painful positions.

I guess what I am trying to say is that, I am so scared, that maybe there is something badly wrong with me. Like what if I have cancer?? Or have a detiorating disease that will slowly make me die????? I  can’t deal with this.


Also, this next topic doesn’t have anything to do with my headline for the blog but i just lost my BFF and I’m so sad. She was always there for me but sadly she was suffering from anorexia and when I was asking for help with something she told me that I needed to stop now becasue I was making her "hourney" to recovery from anorexia harder. So, since I care so much about her, that I believed I should stay away from her for a while; at least until she was "cured". However, I didn’t know, that it would be the HARDEST thing I have ever done. I miss her so much. I cant belive I was so STUPID!

Awwww well, i must be off! Asta Luego!!!

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  1. tinyrachie 13 years ago

    Hey Hun. There”s tons of things that could be wrong that are 100% curable and must more likely than all the things you”re worrying about. When things like this happen, I find it helps me to remember that worrying has no benefit and is actually making me MORE tired and upset because I can”t do anything about it anyway. Side/hips are a common place to get aches and pains, and quite honestly it could probably be something as benign and your intestines are kinked up and just need to un-kink themselves. Always remember that thought the wrost comes to mine, its actually REAAAAALLLLLY unlikely to happen. Just deal with obstacles as they come.

    As for the friends thing; I”m sorry I”m not good with people but I”d say be strong. If everything was easy there”d be no point in making an effort.

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