Lately, I’ve been feeling worse than usual. My parents won’t listen when I try to tell them about the problems they keep begging me to tell them about. I can’t reach any of my friends because my phone broke when I took out my dog. I used to not show my emotion to anyone at home because they took it as attitude. Now I’m expressing my emotions and I can’t hold them in anymore. My dog keeps tearing things up and now she’s in heat. I no longer know how I am to cope because I can’t see my friends due to being quarantined because I was near somebody that got COVID-19.  I can’t even the last time my room was cleaned and I’ve been ignoring my sadness because I didn’t want my family to see me that way, so instead, I exchanged my sorrow for rage in a futile attempt to not be asked if I am okay. No, I’m not okay.


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