Halloween was good. I took my little cousin trick or treating. He had a great time untill we passed a house that had someone chase people with a chainsaw. He got scared and started crying. I can't blame him. I remember being his age. I also remember being scared of everything, but what scared me the most were loud noises. I was terrified of balloons, and fire works. I also remember the first scary movie I watched SALEMS LOT. I was afraid to go outside after dark for 6 months, but it does not compare to what I consider my first obsession. It was after christmas and I went with my dad and step mom to Arkansas to go duck hunting. We were getting ready to go out to eat, and I was watching tv. The movie Robin Hood was on, and one character said to another one that he sold his soul to the devil. That stuck with me all I could think about was selling my soul to the devil. I did not want to, but I was afraid I would do it against my will. I remember crying in the backseat terrified. In my mind I could see hell with its fire and brimstone. Eventually it went away and It changed into a diffrent obsession. I became terrified and obbsessed with death. I would often sleep with the door closed because I felt that if I kept the door open then someone could kill me. I would also sleep with the light on and play a dvd to drown out the thoughts. The thoughts are diffrent, but the feeling is the same. Terror, and the feeling of doing something against my will.

Also someone told me the book Brain Lock was very helpful in treating their OCD. It has good reviews on amazon, and I am thinking about buying it. If anyone has read it was it helpful in treating your OCD?


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