Welcome to my life. Hi i am Eva and i am new hear so please bear with me. When I was six my parents divorced. I was always attached to my dad more and this made it really hard. Right now I am 12 so this is 6 years after the divorce. Since then my mom had been always reminding me of mistakes and keeps reminding of everything i do wrong. After a while this had a toll on me and i just broke down that was about a month ago. She drives me nuts to the point where i had thoughts of hurting myself. Right now i am trying to get by and make it through. I act so happy everywhere but inside i feel miserably. Everyone thinks i am fine and all happy but really i am just about to give up. I really dont want to live life anymore. I get so jealusy of girls with loving moms.  She gives me anxiety and stress whenever i am with her my whole body goes tense. i know it does not sound bad but it is so hard. She drives me nuts.


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