I reently had a serve outburst of emotion at my local Day Treatment Center and as a esult was sent to jail for Assult and Battery. The staff say I was “EVIL” that was their words. They din’t say symptomtomatic or anything they told my mother I was plain “evil”. I had been in the hospital this March and my medication was lowered. I had told them numerous times to raise the doseage but they wouldn’t saying it was my personaility. I have had my disorder from childhood and know when my moods are not right,they were saying I just wanted drugs I guess. But I was the one who put myself in the hospital. When I got to the hospital they said I was on too many sedatives-Seroquel 1200 mg a day EffexorXR 150 a day Topamax 800 a day and Trazadone 800 a day. Most people would be sluggish and slow but I needed that to control my moods and anger and rapid thoughts. It has been the only meds to work. They have tried to take me off before and it went sour. But the system here is bad. We don’t even have a doctor at our local Counseling Center we have a Nurse Practisnoter(The nurse that just does assesments and reorder meds) There is a Dr. but no one has ever seen him. Thats what they tell us. But back to what happened now I have been kicked out of all the programs in our area-the one that helps me pay my bills with my SSI/SSA check so I won’t send it all and the Counseling center as well as the Day bTreatment. With my Borderline personility Disorder I need treatment daily. I also have Schzo Effective Disorder, Post Tramtic Stress and AADHD. I don’t know what to do and I have court in July.


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