I’ve pretty much dropped out of school because the teacher that creeps on the females in my school lied multiple times because I was always too upset to do everything. I did do a bunch but I would always be drained before the end of class and just shut down. But he got me suspended twice. The first time I had a peer as a witness to his lie. Me and the girl had been brought into the office she was talked to first and then sent back then I was talked to and sent back. As soon as I got back I walked in took the heart monitor off said I’m here put it on the table and went back to the place I do gym. But the teacher said I roamed the halls before returning. Even though once I left the office I went the fastest root to get back. We told both the principal and teacher that I was talked to second so I was there after but they didn’t listen mostly cause the teacher already knew…. After my two day suspension got over I was back for one day which I happened to have gym on again… I confronted him for lying to get me suspended and this time I had a staff witness to his little comment and the same peer witness…. but after confronting him about lying to get me suspended he said and I quote “Yup and I’ll do it again.” By the end of the day I had a three day suspension. So I walked into the office and said you know what you can un-enroll I come here to learn and get help but all you people do is throw out punishments because some creep says stuff. I have witnesses for both times that I did nothing wrong. He said “You don’t mean that I’ll talk to your mom” That night me and my mom started looking for better options for schooling. We found one I could do but after we had the meeting with the place my mom never called back… I was suppose to still have three classes with my regular school then go to the adult education building out back. Algebra, English, and Art. My three strong classes and most tolerable. I was fine with it the rest of my classes were learning labs or I’d sit in a conference room till the end of the day working on stuff… But then the school decided to take away my art. which art was the class I cared about most. The teacher was amazing and the class was calming I was really good at it… But the school just decided to take it away… and then they took away everything but the classes I has each morning then making me walk home. Gold days I walk at 9:18 the walks an hour and a half. same about of time as the classes. and on Blue days I walk home at 10:45. I usually don’t sleep well at night and I’ve just started automatically skipping 90% of school days I think I’m gone maybe 4 times in the past 3 weeks……….. I can’t take it… The kids there are horrible the stuff usually suck and the office just wants to get rid of me. I miss my art class. and I miss my counselor there he actually helped me. But I’m just getting my GED when I turn 17 so my future is pretty much destroyed.
~~~new topic~~~Boyfriend,gifts~~~
So I got a boyfriend almost 7 months ago and we have out off’s and on’s good days and bad days but nothing too too bad. Once a girl in school tried to make everything think he beat me. But that was a lie and went away sort of quickly. A couple other girls took screenshots that they had from my fb a year or so ago before I met my bf and they sent it to him through my account to try to convince him I was cheating. I’d never do that. I showed him proof and he trusts me again. I deleted my fb and made a private account with only him and family. He had given me a pocket knife that he used all the time. As a present to show he never wanted to lose me because he could never part with the knife and he was then giving it to me to hold forever. Well I had forgot the knife in the bathroom for maybe 5 minutes max and it disappeared I’ve been searching for a couple weeks for it. I asked parents daily if they’ve seen it and they said no every day… I got the bright Idea to check the car…. I open the glove department and it’s sitting right there………. I’ve flipped my room the bathroom the laundry room and the living room cause I thought maybe just maybe I dropped it out there….. I was up at 3 am crying about it because I couldn’t find it and they had it the whole time…. So much for trusting family………..


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