I go through everyday thinking the same and feeling the same. I never Step outside of the lines in fear of crashing and burning. I feel surrounded but yet so alone, I hate when everyone asks me if im ok " Asking me if im ok makes me think ….. Wheni think i panic ", I hate trying to explain how my mind works and how i do everyday things, I don'tknow how to expain how i am or why im this way I tell them if i knew do you think i would be like this. ? My Relationships with my family is hard no one can see what you see, Me and My daughter are so much alike it scares me she thinks how i think she sees things how i see them. My Relationship with Men is a joke they see me how they want to see me. They see me for a 5'9 130lbs dark hair dark eyes Girl that they want on there hip to make the friends jealous, Not the girl who is begging to be loved and treated with respect…. Waiting for someone to be able to relate to me, Someone to have a little bit oftheromance that i have. I guess being this way is harder then what most people think. I anaylize every little thing in my life. My mind never stops turning. I want to be able to trust someone and run to them when i can't cope with things on my own. Im very grateful i found this website i now understand my problems are little compared to what some people go thru and if i can put some of my problems aside to put a smile on someone else's face for a min or two then that means the world to me.

Someday I will be FREE


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