Went to see my therapist to have our fourth session on June 30(the last day of June).On Monday I slept through 12 hours and I was kinda worried that the oversleepness will be a problem. I mentioned it to my therapist and she told me it may be caused by the adjustment of dosage and time and the side effect would go away in a few days.Apparently she is right.

In the session we talked about the temperament of each and every individual is different. I told her I was born to be an introverted kid but I became more extroverted while I am getting older.She said she was a shy person before and felt pretty easy to be stressful of her life.Then she told me something funny about her eight years old daughter.When the little girl was two days old,the mother brought her to see a paediatrician for a routine checkup.The baby started to have a red face and clench her fists suddenly.She appeared so annoyed at the spot.The mother was so confused at the sight.The paediantrician assumed her the child was fine and she was just throwing a tantrum.The child was born to have a hot-temper.

We also spent a lot of time talking about allergies.I told her there is a lot of food that I am allergic to,for example milk. She said some people with lactose intolerance might have problem coping with stress.She only had a female client coming in with a high anxiety level.That woman (who has lactose intolerance) was so anxious that she could barely utter a complete sentence. But after a month, she came back to talk about her problem and she turned out to be fine.She said during the month she kept a balance diet and stayed away from diary products.

My therapist advised me to find a substitube for diary products,like maybe I can try buying rice milk.I will think about it.


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