So it's 11:00 AM and I had to get up early despite not having any sleep because my neighbours decided they wanted to blast their crappy music below my bedroom and hence, no sleep. No possibility of even drowning the noise out with a fan because that's how incredibly loud it is.

Since I don't desire approaching them physically (I'm not sure how they would respond), I decided to type up a letter. These guys need to be between the age of 17-20-ish). What do you think? Decent letter? Gets the point across?

Dear neighbours,

I am writing to you about the noise disturbance that your sounds systems are causing. Your sound system is awesome, but this building is really old and we’re only divided by wood planks. On some occasions, we can hear conversations quite clearly through the floor, as I’m sure you can hear us.

Your bass is particularly annoying. The sound really draws up from the floor. Could you please turn it down? I know that it sucks, but because of this building, we can hear it too clear, and because it’s mostly the bass – it’s very repetitive and distracting.

On some occasions, you throw parties or have get-togethers, which hey, we all do. But, when the music is pounding pass 12, it’s really pushing it. Turn it down a lot, or turn it off entirely. You may not have to work in the morning, but we do.

In the morning, you like to play your music too, and we can hear the lyrics very clearly. If we can hear the lyrics, it’s too loud. The noise carries throughout the whole apartment. I know that this is your home and you’re entitled to be comfortable, but you’re disrupting it for us, too. We’re not asking for you to turn it off, but we are asking for you to turn it down considerably.

The weed which you smoke is very noticeable. Please, we shouldn’t have to smell it. Open up more windows if you’re going to smoke it or go outside. Or better yet, purchase some better weed that doesn’t smell like a skunk!

Sorry for having to send a letter, I just wanted to let you know directly.

Hope we can work something out so we’re both comfortable here.


Your Neighbours

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  1. Bebbo 12 years ago

    Dear Misconceptions,

    I like the sound of your letter, but can't the landlord/landlady say something to these people instead of you?  After all, that's one of the responsibilities of a good landlord/landlady…to handle complaints from their tenants regarding other tenants loud music.  You shouldn't have to handle this problem.

    I speak from experience from being married to a landlord.  We are always the first to know if a tenant is disturbing the peace for another tenant.

    Hope this helps.  😀





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