So, firstly thanks to all who read these blogs. Why do I feel I havn't much time left? Weary of the time I have been living so far I guess. I'm really down about my lack of money lately to pay my bills. I know all the things I'm supposed to do like get some kind of job but it's not been so easy with one thing and another. How am I supposed to be in order to be successfull? I think I would have to be some kind of human dynamo, which I'm not. Not just about making money, it is about how much society values me and what I do. All the wonderfull abilities I have and they are mostly hidden from others. I did think of another master plan yesturday as no one else appears to be attempting it. Well, I think a spiritually based society is important the values and motivationns most people live by seem seriously lacking. When I was walking back from town, I noticed all the houses and all the people who dont even know each other or speak with each other. We became these isolated personal units, suspicious of strangers. No wonder just walking around feels so souless. The main place where people see others is at the shops, but what if you have too little money to shop much? Then you are stuck. Im not particularly Christian, but there is a quote from the bible that the love of god passeth all understanding. Why? I don't agree. Most people can relate with love and know what it is. However, the main thing is that people, even ordinary people have love and a lot of it that can be shared with others. So why dont we share it enough? Too busy looking after our own interests I guess. Most people could benefit from the love and kindness shown by others. Not so much from some God or imaginary God that they never really meet apart from in their ideals. Sorry to shatter any illusions but it can be that people can only start new and grow, once they see how things really are. That is truth. Not individual opinion, but truth of how things really are. Acknowledge what you know, what you dont know, what you are unsure about, what you believe and what you are prepared to keep an open mind about.


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