This Friday he’s going down. My father’s dog, this huge German Shepherded named Rex. He’s only about 9y/o. It’s funny because I don’t even like dogs, but me and this dog we got a special bond. Along time ago I was grabbed and attacked, sexually assaulted near where I lived. At the time this occurred I only lived a few blocks from my dad’s place. They were out of town at a friend’s place that particular night but they always kept that big dog out side on a lease when they were not home and I knew that. I had early on managed to make a break for it and ran for the house. I thought if I could just reach Rex and let him loose he’d chase off the guys that were after me. I made it about three feet from that dog. Unfortunately I wasn’t fast enough but that dog did its best even on his lease to protect me. Barking and snarling, snapping at them if they got within range, trying to bite when one tried to kick him. The dog was straining and tugging against its leash to break free. In the end it was all futile, the whole thing ended terribly, but after that I had a soft spot for the dog that tried its best to help me. Anytime I would visit for that first year after the dog would follow me everywhere like he was shielding me, resting his head in my lap when I sat down. My dad says that Rex has “never be right since that night” That from that night on when ever he sees a man of that particular type he would viciously bark and they had to restrain him. Whenever I saw anyone like that I trembled and did my best to avoid them. I guess neither of us have been “right” since that night. Now he’s old and dad says dementia is setting in that the dog is snapping at everyone and needs to be put down. I know that for safety sake they are right. But a part of me is sad to see it happen. My great four legged defended and it’s time to say good bye.

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  1. member1981 14 years ago

    poor thing.  dogs are so wonderful; he was protecting you

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