I really loath going to the doctor's. Today I have to take my son to the doctor.
A few weeks ago, at church my son said he had to sit down because his back was hurting. At our church they sing for the first 25 minutes and mostly everyone is standing the entire time. I thought maybe it was the new shoes he was wearing, or he was bored. But the next three Sundays he complained of the same thing. Then at the opening ceremonies for the baseball season, he complained that his back was hurting from standing all that time – about 30 minutes. His back doesn't hurt when he sits, or walks, or jumps or plays, or any time but when he's been standing still for at least 15 minutes. So I thought I should take him to get this figured out. It's probably the way he stands – he tends to lock his knees out and he doesn't shift hisweightmuch from one foot to the other. I don't know. But of course I have to worry myself sick over this. You'd think he would have refused to go to the doctor's if it really didn't hurt him. But he hasn't. When I go to the doctor's I get really really nervous. I get cold, break out in hives and breathe funny. I'm already jttery now and I've still got several hours to go. I have always been this way but I'm much worse now after my cancer episode two years ago. I do get health obsessions about myself and sometimes I go to the Dr. to just check things out and put my mind at ease but I don't go that much. If I had my way I would not go at all – AVOIDANCE. With my kids, however, I take no chances. One thing I am horribly afraid of and there is no evidence of this, but I am afraid of it, nevertheless – is that someone will think I have that Munchausen Syndrome. Once when my girls were little, I thought my girls were allergic to rocks because they had been playing on a new playground at a new preschool and had rocks in their shoes, rocks in their pockets, etc. They had sores on the soles of their feet and the palms of their hands. I couldn't figure it out. I almost had the DR convinced they were allergic to rocks, too, til she looked in their mouths and saw sores and realized they had Hand Foot & Mouth. Some virus that lots of little kids get. I'd never heard of it, but what a relief. Another time when they were little, I was conviced they had polio because their legs were hurting them.Just growing pains. When it comes to health issues, my ocd can really get going. I know that. But this is one of those areas where you have to be really careful in trying to determine what is an obsession and what is a real issue that needs to be checked out.


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