I had the flu. It has run through my whole house now. Thankfully it seems that I have turned a corner and am getting over it.

I am so glad now that I went on prozac. I have gotten my concentration back, my memory back, I am not lost in darkness, I can sleep most nights, I am not longer suicidal. I fought against going on meds for so long but I finally took the leap and I am glad that I did. Yes, there are side effects and I will have a tough time getting off someday but right now its helping save my life. 🙂

Yesterday me and my family went to town (an hour away) and ran errands. We made sure to get home before rush hour traffic gets too bad. Today my husband has a job interview. This job is low stress and low pay. If they offer it too him we will have a decision to make. Should he take it and I would work too to make up the difference in income? or learn to live on the less income? or should I work to support us a while while he waits for a better one and becomes the stay at home and homeschooling parent? lol decisions decisions!

I am still having a hard time breathing due to the cold, forest fire smoke/asthma, and elevation of 8,600 feet but I am no longer dizzy. I think the cold is subsiding and the asthma meds are starting to make a difference.

Today I am unpacking. I hope to be finished unpacking today. If I dont finish I will be very very close. My older two kids took some english tests this morning. Now they are working on organizing their rooms and clothes. My youngest is practicing her violin. She hasnt been able to practice since December becausewe were moving and then living in a hotel. She has really missed it and is a bit rusty. I have no doubt that she will get right back to it in no time!!

Thank you to everyone who helped me and supported me when I have been in such a rough place the last few months. Thank you very much. All of your comments and support have helped me to survive and now I am starting to get better. It has meant a lot to me to have my DT support!!

  1. Aswa 10 years ago

    Good to hear that things are getting better for you

    May your new home by a happy one.

    Peace, Aswa

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  2. flowermantis 10 years ago

    Im glad you are feeling better,and I wish you the very best.

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  3. borntired 10 years ago

    I am so happy to read this blog!!!!
    MakeUp a budget to see what you can live on. Go to daveramsey.com and he has some free budget forms. That will help you with your decisions

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