So it's been over a week since we've moved in and everything is OK. Generally, I am happy with the apartment. The landlord FINALLY fixed the boilers. We've got everything in place and I'm starting to feel more comfortable.

Problems? The neighbours below us. They moved in on the same time that we moved in, and I think it's two guys. They smoke pot frequently (so sometimes when we get home we can smell pot just a little), and they can be very loud. Actually, scratch that – I don't know if they are loud of it's just we can hear everything through where the boilers are. I can sometimes even hear their conversations. They listen to what I consider crappy music [keep in mind that this in opinion](hip hop, rap), and often, they blast it. I always hear the music slightly but they always play the bass. Since bass is slower sound waves, it's very annoying. Especially because of my OCD. I can latch onto any noise and it'll annoy me. The pounding of their bass is driving me insane! Sometimes, it's OK. Up until tonight (it's 2:00 AM), they've never blasted it past 1:30 AM. They are young. It may not be their fault, and maybe they can hear us entirely. But I just resorted to pounding hard on the ground 3 times with my foot. I know that they heard it, but I'm not sure if they turned it down or not. Obviously it's some sort of party or get-together, there's a lot of voices. I'm not sure if I should be angry or if it's my OCD jumping to conclusions. Maybe they don't know that we can hear everything? Maybe they don't know that they are loud? Maybe they also don't know we can smell their pot? But I assume the worst. And the anger stresses me out and triggers OCD! I just get madder and madder. Today was the first day I acted (ie, stamped my foot hard on the ground 3 times.) I'm not even sure that they did anything. I hope I can at least scare the guy(s) into maybe telling their friends who are now over to keep it down. I mean, the other day, I had had friends over for a little drinking and talking. I don't mind it once-in-a-while, I just wish these guys were more thoughtful. Now my foot hurts. xD

I also don't want to start bitterness between neighbours. All of the other neighbours seem very nice and easy going. (The ones who live on the other side from us.) I don't think anyone lives beside us yet.

The other problem with my perfect apartment? The toilet. It's broken or something. When I first seen the ruined tiles, that was a warning sign. They replaced the floor and it looks nice now, but it did overflow the other day and we spent 2 hours cleaning and washing everything! My boyfriend attempted to fix it himself (he likes to be useful and prides himself on figuring things out). It flushes, but it'll continue flushing after we pull it UNLESS we pull it again.

Time is flying by! Even thought my boyfriend and I sent out a parcel of gifts for his family overseas, I have yet to purchase my family anything.

Oh, we also cooked a 'decent' meal today. Cooked chicken strips with side kicks and some vegetables. I hadn't cooked the noodles long enough for the side kicks, so they were sort of stiff – just a little. The vegetables we placed in the microwave (I know that's not traditional but if you put them in the microwave with a little bit of water apparently they retain more nutrients then if you had boiled them over the stove!)

Any way, those guys need to stop. T_T But if I report to my landlord, they'll know it was us. I guess I need to wait a bit. I could just go and talk with them but I'm shy and I figure College guys wouldn't give a crap regardless.

  1. hekla2002 11 years ago

    It sounds like for the most part things are going well. I am so glad to hear that. I am sorry, however, that you have to deal with the rudeness of some of your neighbors. It's unfortunate, but it happens sometimes. Try your best not to let it get to you…though I am well aware that can be difficult. Good Luck!!!

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  2. tpmnight 11 years ago

    I happy for you because it seems as if you're settling into your new place. It's a shame about your neighbors – maybe your boyfriend could talk to them?

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