Ok so my OCD gets stuck on things like death anything sexual and religious things and usually at some point everyday there is this thing that runsthrough my head like betting with the devil its like if u dont hold your breath until u pass a certain street sign or until that commercial (just for example) goes off then u lose the bet (EVEN THOUGH I DONT WANT TO BET) and what runs throught my head if i fail in holding my breath is that something bad will happen and something evil likethedevil will make it happen. i am scared that my boyfriend will cheat on me or leave me even tho he keeps reassuring me he wouldnt and i am scared that something bad will happen to my mom although she keeps reassuring me thatit wont i keep feeling like it ran threw my head that it was a bet with the devil even though i dont want to bet on anyone or anything at all im scared that if it ran threw my head and i tryed to hold my breath that i was agreeing to the bet and that my two worst fears will come true even thought i never actaully said that i was betting but i keep thinking what if i thought it or what if i said it in my head or by holding my breath then is what i fear going to happen and i feel like if i try and shake it off or not take it seriously then i'll piss the devil or something evil off and it will happen and honestly it really scares me i dont want anything to happen to my relationship or my mother because of something that i did that i didn't really want to do if anyone has a thought about this or if u expeirence the same type of thing please let me no id love to talk about it i feel really alone. Thanks


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