CoolTried prozac 3 days it was like takin a bottle of speed and 10 gal of expresso!!! I am no longer on that crap no way.  I am trying to change my diets and continue my dbt group therapy and counseling.

This snow sucks!  I love the look but no longer can scoops did 4 times  in one day and no longer,  will let plow handle it.  My body aches for days from light work.


Am ticked off, first I write and buy 60 cards to send to recovering soldiers get them back wasted time, money and then I make cookies to send over and never get an address as promised.  so, will no longer try and help Im pissed about that.

Trying to clean and get things done before the holidays and then will have to start on paperwork for uncle sam will take me til april anyway lol

still waiting on an alj hearing.  

Going to my internal med dr regularly now and he is very supportive of my cause.

Im not going to the neuro, she promised 100 first visit and 50 after that, no after I paid my 100 she sends me a bill for 240.00 that was not the deal and I was pissed.

My lawyer said just keep seeing a dr.  Dont have to keep all 5.  Esp with no insurance.

Having to keep 4 journals everyday and that is overwhelming.

My MS is up and down, but I am grateful for every day I can walk and am able to do at least 1 thing.

It is a chronic progressive incurable disease I have been blessed with.  The depression is a symptom of the MS and I am dealing with it much better since DBT.

Hoping all is well with my friends on here and will try to get on here more often but not able to now.  I will send u all messages but be patient with me.  Just overwhelmed right now.





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