Hey I’m 19 years old. Battling with anxiety since 2015. I have been very hard and critical with myself, trying to push myself beyond the limits to score good grades. I wanted to be cricketer and also did not want to let my grades fall. As a result, things started going worse when I could not achieve my dream of becoming a cricketer. I became depressed and my grades dropped. So bad grades made me very anxious and fearful. Confidence and testosterone levels dropped. I started worrying about losing my hair and  I hated myself. I used to have crush on a girl, she reciprocated at first but got turned off by my low confidence.

I cared about trivial things so much and hated myself. I were to correct one thing about my past It would be being compassionate and kind with myself and also not trying to be a perfectionist. Be kind with others and yourself as well.  You are NOT ALONE. We all humans have to suffer our part of suffering and nobody else can do that for us. Why not suffer with a smile on face or choose not to suffer at all. Be imperfect ! Be bold ! Choose to live the life with a smile. Gratitude for Family, Gratitude for food, Gratitude for roof over the head, Gratitude for religion.


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