Hey all!


I know I have spoken a little about this before but I'm a bit worried at the mo. G always said that if he got ill and had to go to hosp then he wouldn't let me know cos he would want to be alone going through stuff. I've always had trouble with this because to me I would be on this journey (Of love) and then he could just go and leave me and I would be just left not knowing what's going on etc (I KNOW this all sounds selfish, its just the way I would feel)


Anyway I was with him 2 weeks ago and we had an amazing week, just spending time together and having a ball! Then when I get home, say a day after maybe, I call and he told me he was ill…nothing too great..just stomach pains,and headaches (He did have a headache when I was there)

Anyway I've tried to call since and got no answer, save once when he said he was still ill and very busy. This was thurs last week. I tried calling yesterday and today and just got a ring tone.

I KNOW I'm overeacting but a) I am worried for him and want to know he's ok and b) he doesnt seem to care that I would be worried about him, infact he wants to deal with it all himself..


He's also just bought a new business so it could be that he is really busy with that too but I would have thought being my boyfriend that he would at least txt or call to say he's either busy or still ill.


All this is just making me more panicky about the fact that if he ever did get seriously ill that I would just be completely left in the dark and because the whole thing sounds like I am being selfish, I can't talk to him about it ! :0(


  1. SHUGGY 9 years ago

    animals,cats and dogs,birds and bees etc; when suffering and on their last usually look for a secluded and tranquil spot to finish their existence

    us humans, are and have a more emontional attitude towards death, usually!

    death for many is a personnel thing and those types of person do not want to share

    if G has started a new buisness adventure, will he not be preoccupied?

    it is difficult for men ( or even women to multi task on the essentials of life

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  2. tilly1967 9 years ago

    i know how you feel iam always last on robs list of to do things and sometime i feel that he couldnt care less about how i feel it always just got to be about him and what hes going through never about me. on the plus side it could be that es really busy and working 24-7 on his new adventure and yes in a perfect world he would made time just to txt and say iam ok. you ve also got to get through to him that hes important to you and it doesnt matter that hes ill you just want to support him xx take care lexie xxx

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