Well their is so much to write but gonna keep it brief. Basically I went into the hospital on Thursday night & came home today it was overwhelming at 1st but a good thing in the end! So happy to be home & able to sleep in my own bed but also really missing my new friends that I made & all the support & groups I had access to. I am now automatically qualified for Medical Assistance which is good because it will allow me to get into some of the programs I need to be in . I have to see a psychiatrist for my meds it was a condition of being released & I have to go see someone I saw before that I didn't like one little bit but after the 1st visit I am not seeing her I am demanding someone else!!!! Pretty much I did the hospital stay to get the MA,get away from my parents, & get my medication adjusted…which is extreme but I really had no other choice . I got a lot out while there…although not something I want to repeat ever again if possible!!!!!!! I will keep in touch with my friends hopefully got names,addresses, etc. So I see my therapist on Wednesday again & hopefully will have a chance to process all this somewhat. I am sure it will all hit me soon not looking forward to that but it has to happen sometime so why Not now. But at least I got the support I needed out of it & some really good,understanding friends for life that no matter what happens they will still care about me because we went through so so much together!!!!! I will write more later just can't right now it is all still really fresh.

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  1. duchamp 10 years ago

    This is great! Sucks thats you have to go to extremes to get the support you really need though! Sounds like its done you some good 🙂

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