I am in an extremely bad mood right now. I've been home since the end of May…two months…and my family is driving me nuts. This is normal, of course, because my family is a bunch of fruits and it usually only takes a month or two for them to drive me completely batty.

My brother is 19 years old. He graduated this year by the skin of his teeth. He hasn't applied for any jobs and is too dense to go to college. Hell, the kid doesn't even know how to fill out a job application, how the hell could someone so damn stupid go to college?

He's so spoiled that he doesn't make his own bed, doesn't clean his own clothes, doesn't help with the dishes, doesn't do anything except play video games all day – which my Dad and Mom pay for. He actually thought that my Dad should pay $30 a month for him to play World of Warcraft and EVE Online both at the same time. That's what money means to him – nothing. All he knows is wake up at 2:00pm, play video games, eat macaroni and cheese (let Mom clean up the mess of course), play more video games, go to bed at 3:00am. Laster, rinse, repeat. Hell, he's been sitting on his doughy ass for so long that when he finally got in his car to go somewhere today, the back tires wouldn't move! The brakes are frozen from lack of use! That's never happened to any other car we've owned!

The three of us – him, myself, and my Mom – were going to take a trip to Washington D.C. this past weekend but it was cancelled. Mom had been using it as an excuse for why my brother "couldn't" apply for a job – "Oh no oh no oh no if he gets a job he might not be able to go with us!" What horseshit. He had plenty of time to find a job and apply for that one day off.

Now she's saying, "Oh no oh no oh no he can't get a job now because the county fair is in two or three weeks and he might not be able to go!" Again, horseshit. It lasts a week and we only go two days and stay for no more than 3 hours if even that. My brother is bored the entire time and doesn't do jack diddly squat. We walk one lap around the fair and then find somewhere to sit for a while before leaving entirely. He'd have plenty of time to go working nothing but a part time gig and you can't tell me that the people who go out there are all unemployed just so they can hit that shitty fair.


What is even more disgusting is the fact that once the brat gets a job, he won't pay for anything. Mom will continue to do his laundry, cook for him, and clean up after him. He'll pocket his money and buy video games while she pays for his food and any new clothes that he needs. How is that in any way an adult thing to do? Who the fuck would date a guy who is that big of a fucking loser?

Even more, when my parents die, it's likely that they'll leave him this house because they know he'll never leave. He'll live and die here just because he's too lazy to make a life for himself. So basically, his entire life will be one big reward. Don't want to do your own laundry? Here's a Big Mac. Flunked your classes? Here's a new video game. Don't want to get a job? No problem, I'll pay your way! Don't want to ever get your own life? Here, have a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house all to yourself, no kids, no wife, just all to yourself! $100,000 home all for you baby, my sweet wonderful piece of shit!

Meanwhile, I'll be in fucking debt trying to make my own way and yeah, my life will be more fulfilling than his…but it disgusts me to no end that his entire life is going to be one big rollercoaster of fun. That is such shit. This whole family is shit. I hate to say it but if they want to hand him over this house and keep him until they die that's fine. But when they get sick and can barely move, I won't be here. I won't take care of them. You don't pick a favorite like that, baby them, never yell at them, never make them do anything unpleasant, and then ask your least favorite for help. Doesn't work that way. So they better hope that the dumbass who can't even write down his own phone number right can figure out how to take care of them when they get sick or they're fucked because I'm done with them already. No more coming to me for help, no more. That is beyond over. I've already started looking for work on the west coast for my co-op (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CO-OP_education) and I don't intend to live here after I've graduated. I'm clearly not their favorite kid and so I'd hate to burden them with my presence. And being an adult means that I am perfectly allowed to make that decision.

I am so pissed off that I can feel my face heating up. My blood pressure must be rising, even my head is hurting.

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  1. snowdreamer 12 years ago

    Sounds like your brother and your parents deserve each other honey.  I'm so sorry you have to put up with that but I'm glad you decided to blog and get some of it off your chest.  I know dealing with this day in and day out is excruciating I went thru some simliar crap myself but applying yourself and deciding on your life is a good step toward taking care of  yourself.  Going away to school is another one so I have hope in you that you will make the right decisions and have a great life ahead of you…

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