So …. as many of you know from the first blog of the day…I had a dr's appointment w/ a psychiatrist. I was freaked out all the way there and most of my session. Lets see…He absolutly ruled out BiPolar disorder that a prevous GP tried to pin on me. Which I kind of already knew and discounted myself but it  was nice to hear it from a professional. He said I have the most mixed / individualized gropu of issues. He ultimatly diagnosed me as "Depressive (not otherwise specified, meaning they can't label me manic depressive, major depressive, etc.), Anxiety Disorder (not otherwise specified, meaning they can't fully label me SA, GAD, etc.) & OCD". Because I have depressive episodes that can last btwn 1 day and a 1 month I dont fall into any real catergory. And because I don't get msot of the physical traits of having GAD i dont fall in that catergory, but i do prove to have chronic SA and Panic attacks. My OCD label comes from my persistant and uncontrollable worry / paranoia. Obessesing over fears and what not. So….it really is most of what i've thought anyway…:shrug:

As far as meds go I told him the extent of my previous medication trials and that I do not want to be put on an SSRI unless absolutly necissary because of all of the failed attempts. He agreed and has perscribed me Klonopin that i'm to start at night. He also suggested that if that takes care of my constant anxiety w/ the panic attacks…he would also like to put me on an MAOI patch to regulate my depression. We'll cross that bridge when we get there because I dont know how comfortable I am with the whole of that idea.  

So…thats that. I still don't feel good, my stomach is in knots but…hopefully now that the drama of this morning is over i'll be calming down soon enough. And thank you to EVERYONE who sent me comments and messages. ((hugs)) it means lots to know i have support somewhere in my life.


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  1. demented_are_go 13 years ago

    It sounds like it did go well. The psychiatrist I saw last summer also advised that I take klonopin, which I was already taking, but on a regular basis, to avoid all attacks. It's helped a lot, now I don't really need it as much.

    Did he just diagnose panic attacks or panic disorder ? From your diagnosis I'm wondering if mine didn't miss OCD in his diagnosis.

    Most of the time they end up telling you things you already know, but isn't it nice to have it from the mouth of a professional  and not have to question it ?  

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