So I\'m sitting here writing to you right now because I had a panic attack and I can\'t sleep. This frustrates me to no end because I had just gone two days in a row with no anxiety and no attacks and was thoroughly enjoying it. I had been sleeping well, and thinking clearly, and even enjoying some things that I haven\'t really felt like enjoying as of late.


Then a few hours ago the strangest feeling came over me, of course followed by a pretty wicked anxiety attack. I felt like I couldn\'t remember anything and yet if I calmed myself down somewhat I could tell you exactly what I did today from start to finish and in detail, and that is why the feeling was so strange. So now I sit here writing because it calms me down usually and yet my mind continues to race. All I want to do is fall asleep peacefully and yet my mind won\'t seem to shut off. Everything around me seems wrong or out of place, I\'m overthinking every little thing, and everything that seems off is just making panic a bit more


So if I may ask, what calms you down? What gets your thinking back on track and your mind clear and organized? When you\'re laying in bed at night and you\'re mind is racing and nothing seems to make sense, where do you turn? I feel so confused and isolated at the moment and it\'s no fun at all. The few good days in a row that I had seemed to have happened months ago instead of just a few hours and I suppose I\'m just looking for a little understanding. I also suppose that I have to take the good with the bad. What\'s a few hours of lost sleep and anxiety in the grand scheme of things, especially with things going as well as they have lately.


At any rate, if you\'ve read down this far, I thank you. So I\'ll ask one more time what helps you? Writing all this helped me, so perhaps you are aware of something that I\'m not, and perhaps everyone that reads this can benefit, at least that is my hope.



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  1. morethanthis 11 years ago

    Despite your anxiety, you seem to be coping quite well, you have a positive, realistic outlook. We can\'t be happy all the time, even those that do seem to be are just good at hiding it well. I always try to remember that this will pass and I will feel good again.

    You are doing all the right things. Sometimes when we are having trouble sleeping we make it worse when we get frustrated by the fact that we can\'t sleep!! just tell your self that you will sleep eventually and when you start thinking about something, tell your self that your not going to think about that now and think of things not associated with you that makes you laugh.

    Be kind to yourself and realise you will be ok, treat yourself as you would a friend. You seem like a kind person with what you\'ve written, give to yourself what you give to others. You have made me feel better. Thank you. Hope you have a peaceful sleep.

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