What is it with guys????

So i used to have a good guy friend. He was there for me right after the breakup and i kinda liked him but he was all like no i dont want a relationship EVER. So we kissed a lil, hung out a lil, but after he said that i kinda stopped kissing him cuz i was like i want to save my kisses for my boyfriend. Well, about two weeks ago he came to me and said "i dont care what other ppl think or say i want to kiss you whenever and wherever" and i was like "i DO care what ppl think and say" well then he went on a two week trip to texas and he got back like three days ago and i saw him today i gave him a big hug and he followed me around work telling me about his trip, well then we were in front of my two other coworkers and he tried to kiss me and i was like NO and he was like "come on gimme a kiss" and i said NO and he wouldnt stop i had to physically push him away. It irritated me the whole rest of the afternoon i had to go to the bathroom to cry cuz i was so mad. Then I started having flashbacks from this guy i dated for two weeks who was always huggin on me and tryna kiss me and i would try to push him away but he was too strong and he’d hold onto me and i got really scared that he was gonna do something to me and i wouldnt be able to stop him so i broke up with him. Today reminded me of that and so that freaked me out even more. I don’t ever want to see or talk to this guy again. I’m irritated, upset and scared.

But on a happier note I went out with a girlfriend from work and we went shopping and i told her about the guy and we just talked and shopped and it was awesome! I have a new friend! 🙂

  1. bummer 13 years ago

    YAY for new friends!

    This guy sounds like he”s getting off messing with your head.  Boot to the curb time. 

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  2. devvers 4 years ago

    no offense to all boys, BUT BOYS SUCK!!!! there. I said it. sorry.

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