im back…..anyone miss me? (yeah right)

anyway me and my boyfriend went for a short break to his nana's house for a few days! which was nice. first time meeting extended family so of course i was nervous!! in hind sight i wish i'd been alot more confident, im so stupidly shy 🙁 she was SO genourous, bought us dinner out everynight, bought me some trousers, food etc amazing woman, bless that family, i feel like a celebrity!

anyway got back late last night and reality hit, hard! had a short sleep then had to go to work..was very hectic and i was abit discombobulated to say the least!!

oo and while im on a roll here!..i've finished college!! no more sexual harassment from that old git!!!! im freee!! he wasn't there on my last day so luckily he couldn't follow me home or get my number 🙂 the relief is HUGE!!!

now just full time work until july, when i go to visit my grandma and relatives with boyfriend 🙂 (full time..god im going to be stressed beyong belief). gotta be done. i need the money. i want to move on………im 20 now so i need to start saving for real things, a car! a flat! time to get out of here!!!

81 days till our big holiday 🙂

Oh and some not so great news :'( i met an amazing person on a mental-health-site chat thing and we talked about everything, but his wife spoke to me this morning explaining he's taken a turn for the worse and for her own safety he's been sectioned!! and won't be coming back to the chat again!

i HATE it, whenever i get close to somebody..they always go away. i know i sound selfish in this example, its not his fault, well he stopped taking his meds. i wish he hadn't..

sorry! im rambling!! gd evening everyone, hope your well xxxx

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  1. naomijane 11 years ago

     thanks! im overwhemed (:

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