One time I’d like things to go as planned. It was a night out with friends at a bar. I don’t normaly drink. I have a personal limit of one when I do drink. I doubled that limit. About 20 minutes before last call, I get a phone call. It’s another one of our friends. I’m told by this person that she was told by my best friend that we were gonna leave the bar a lot earlier. She’s watching all our stuff at Country Kitchen, and wants to go home. She’s not going to wait 25 minutes. With this friend is another of the guy’s under age pregnant girlfriend and she’s lonely, and doesn’t want to sit alone. So me, being the nice guy, and having had only two drinks, and not having had anything for three hours goes to Country Kitchen to collect all our stuff, and the pregnant girl so everyone else can finish their drinks. By the time I get back, I’ve passed someone else up doing the exact same thing. Now everyone is getting confused. Appearantly, someone in our group wasn’t listening when it was decided that I’d be doing all this. I had to pay the bill at CK to get the stuff, and the lonely girl. It wasn’t my bill, and I didn’t get reimbursed for it either. The other friend probably didn’t get to bed any earlier. By this time I’m needing my best friend to talk with. I just needed to vent. After getting back to the bar, about half the group is going nuts trying to figure out why everything their trying to get done has already been done by me. So, I’m getting yelled at for doing what was agreed to by one of the group that supposedly knew what was going on, and was at the table when decisions were made. At this point I’m told to get my ass outside, and that my car is getting loaded up with passengers and I’m hauling all of them to CK. I’m not ready to go yet. I just got back. So, I go out there to find that I’m giving only one person a ride. Now I’m getting pissed. Anyway, I get to CK, sit down, and start to relax. That goes good for awhile, then rides are needed again. Ok, I agreed to that earlier, so I load up the car to take four of the group home, and come back to CK to visit with my closer friends. As we’re loading up the car, and one of the three that’s left at CK comes out and says it would be easier to transfer my best friends stuff to his car now. Ok, it’s my understanding that I’m my best friends ride, and I’m needing at least one of the three to talk with. I really need to vent by this time. So, I tell him that I’ll be right back. By this time the car is already loaded. He goes back in, and I start to back up, and my best friend comes out wanting her stuff. She’s leaving with the other two. THANKS FOR FUCKING TELLING ME THIS. Most of her stuff is buried, and my car is fully loaded with passengers. I can only give her what I can get to. She takes that, while protesting about the other stuff. I get back to CK to get my stuff, and as I’m leaving a regular (Itchy) starts shit with me. I blew. Itchy has a habit of saying things just to piss people off, and always twists it when confronted so as not to sound like the ass she really is. Just about everyone I know has had problems with her. After that I get moving, and realize that my best friend has some cig tubes, and I’m totally out. I have some of her other stuff. So I’m Now I’m sitting at the gas station after buying a pack, my right hand feels like it’s on fire, and has bite marks on it that I don’t remember doing, but they weren’t there when I went in to get smokes. I’m flat broke, and low on gas, and wide awake, still needing one of my closer friends to vent to, and none of them around. I lend an ear to all of them when they need one. Why can’t one of them lend me an ear, now. My best friend would’ve been the best one, but any of the three would’ve been fine. I guess I’m just nobody to all three of them. If that’s the case, than they can just kill me because I don’t fucking deserve to live, anyway.


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