i'm dreaming of my angel wings

stretching out across the sky

lifting me up away from here

where no one can see me cry

i want to drift among the clouds

as weightless as they are

the world's problems in all their numbers

invisible from this far

my eyes would be the first

to see sunsets raining down

and then watch again as first sunrise

warms and wakes the ground

i want to know what wind feels like

dancing across my face

moving freely without a thought

before it falls from grace

i want to believe this is where

cruel words can never reach

and honesty is right there in front of you

like sand on a never ending beach

up here i can say i love you

and its seen as my greatest gift

and not as a burden to be carried

a weight too much to lift

i can hold your hand or just hold you

with no worries of what to say

and never have the fear that maybe

you might try and pull away

i want to have my children's laughs

always ringing in my ear

the smell of them, the way their hugs felt

with me as if they were here

i want every day that seemed glorious

like it was painted with pure gold

to be frozen still and then replayed

not once ever getting old

up here i think i could see the path

that has been carefully laid for me

no confusion fear or regrets at all

about who i am or where i should be

all i ever really dreamed of

was for peace to at last find me

to have what ive wanted for so long

and to finally feel free

i'm dreaming of my angel wings…


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