So here’s something to brighten my day!! I had just sent my bf another text that say “is everything ok?” and no reply so I was getting really down again…when like fifteen minutes after I sent it, my phone rings. It’s a number I didn’t have programmed into my phone and I was about to just ignore it but decided to answer.

It was my talent agent!! I hadn’t added their number to my phone because I’d been with the agency for over a year and never once gotten a call for a job. In fact, over this past weekend I’d considered calling them and asking them to take me off their representation list.

Well, she was calling to ask if I wanted to be in a commercial on Thursday!!!! AND they’ll work around my work schedule!!!! So I’m going to be in my first TV commercial on Thursday!!!! A local one, where I play an ex-military officer. I just need to figure out exactly how I need to look (you provide your own wardrobe for local stuff, and maybe even national stuff as far as I know). I will be paid $150 for an hour and a half of work, but I’d do it for free, the exposure will be great!! I also had my face appear on a couple national print ads, one for a dry cleaning product and another for a jewelry company, but I didn’t get paid for those.

Maybe my dreams of getting into the entertainment biz can be reached after all…`cuz I was planning on going back to school to get into it (namely, majoring in dance & theatre) but didn't see that as ever happening since I didn't have the money to go back and too much debt to pay off now. But I may be way jumping the gun because I don't think the market is like amazing around here (being a small town and all) for modeling, and I can't afford to move to LA or anything.

Anyway, I'm excited.

Who needs a dumb boy anyway.

I think I will go to my agency's acting class tonight to get refreshed since it's been a couple years since I've acted.


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