Omg my ex is absolutly driving me crazy!!She keeps sending me mixed signals and i cnt figure out what she wants.. i miss her so much and i want to be with her so bad!!! I would do anything to have her back, im so maddly in love with her and it breaks my heart that i am without her!! Today i txted her asking if she wld be with her bf tonight and she sayed probably so i said ok.. and i told her that she looked cute in her display picture on fb and she thanked me.. then i told her that i was probably talking to much so i wld go.. and then she said that she wasnt talking because she was driving so i took that as a "i still want to talk".. so we talked a little more and she told me that she had a fight with her boyfriend because he lied to her about something.. i told her that i thought he was kind of a dick because he was txting me behind her back on her phone and saying mean shit so that i wld get mad and be hurt.. she didnt respond so i apoligized for saying that.. she still didnt respond so i asked if she was done talking to me then and she still hasnt responded!!! im going insain cuz all i want is for her to txt me back or call me and she wont and i kno i will piss her off if i keep txting her.. I love her so much i dnt understand why she is with a person who doesnt seem to love her… GOD I F***ING HATE THIS!!!! I WANT HER SO F***ING BAD!! SHE WAS EVERYTHING TO ME!!! I DONT UNDERSTAND WHAT SHE WANTS!!!

srry for language.. i really needed to vent…

  1. Lost_Bella 11 years ago

    Hey Sully, ik how u feel when u love someone so bad and u cant be with them. I miss my ex but he choose to leave me due to my illness. I feel so bad cuz i figured when u get married u would take ur vows seriously for better or worst in sickness or in health but guess not. Talk with her one last time tell her how u feel pour out ur heart. See what she says u have nothing to lose, u already broken up. If she wont talk to u again at least u will know n move on even tho it wont be easy. But from what i read ur seem like a really great guy and ik u will find someone new, who will love u every way possible. tc

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  2. cleopardi 11 years ago

    i agree with lost bella.  tell her ON more time tell her how you feel then u have to leave it alone.  i know how much u want to text her and u wait for that text to come. if u give her some space i know how hard it is maybe she will come around.  but only tell her once and then u have to leave it in her hands, maybe she will come around. htere is something to be said abot playing hard to get.  ii hope u have the strength to do this.  cindy

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